Entree: May 23, 2018

5/23/18 Today we finished the controllable tetrahedron challenge. It took a while to practice but we got it with 29 seconds to spare from a total of a minute. Our moving are was very choppy but we fixed it with a new motor. Next class we will try and complete the autonomous challenge.           By Isaac

Entree: May 21, 2018

5/21/18 Today I finished the clawbot in its construction. I also programmed it, and it can drive and move the claw up and down. Next class Jesse will bring in straws so we can do the tetrahedron challenge.  By Isaac

Entree: May 17, 2018

5/17/18 Today is AP World testing so that means Isaac isn't here. That means today I will work on solidworks to get ready for the next certification. Right now I've done about 6 parts today and I will do more next class.            By Jesse

Entree: May 15, 2018

5/15/18 Today we finished the figure eight, it took like a few weeks, but we did it. Finally, it is completed and now we are starting the next thing, the Tetrahedron challenge. Since Jesse is working on Solidworks, now i'm doing the clawbot, the making of.

Entree: May 11, 2018

5/11/18 We are still both working on our figure eight. Since the next challenge is already in we both have zeros, so our goal is to finish this next week. I already did two figure eights at the end of class, so next Tuesday we hope we can finish, but at this point I do not have high hopes.                  By Isaac

Entree: May 7, 2018

5/7/18 Today we are still working on our figure eight for probably the sixth week. We have completed the first figure but need the second. Now today we have tried a new think of making it commentary and also charging the battery between takes. By Jesse